Below are the members of the Carnival Marra main team. Members in this list are responsible for a significant part of the delivery of Carnival Marra.

Michael Wood-Williams
County Commissioner
David Charlton
Finance Officer & Marra Executive
Steve Jobson (Joppa)
Programme Manager & Marra Executive
Steve Brown
Infrastructure Manager
Mica MacInnes
Marra Project Manager
Kathryn Fuller
ACC: Events
Micky Blewitt
Day-Activities Manager
Jess Carmichael
Assistant Day-Activities Manager
Hannah Lazenby
Joint Evening Activities Manager
Chris Johnson
Joint Evening Activities Manager
Oliver Scott
Media Manager
Norman Lazenby
Commercial Manager
Peter Thorp
People Manager
Robin Giles
Admin Manager
Alan Kelly
Site Services Manager
John Sedgwick
County Health & Safety Officer
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