Booking & Payment FAQ’s

Q: Has a cost been confirmed yet for all attendees?

A: Yes! All prices can be found here

Q: When does Early Bird Booking close?

A: Early Bird Bookings close on the 1st February 2020

Q: If I make a booking within the Early Bird Booking, can I make another booking for the same discounted price?

A: Yes! We will honor your early bird booking up until bookings close

Q: When will bookings close?

A: All bookings close 15th April 2020

Q: I can only purchase 20 individual tickets, why is this?

A: Unfortunately, this is a current limitation of Eventbank. Should you have to purchase more than 20 individual tickets complete your booking then start your booking process again. Hopefully, this is resolved soon by the support company.

Leader FAQ’s

Q: I’ve lost my Youth/Adult/Passport Booking Form. How can I get another?

A: You can get another by emailing

Q: Will the Marra Team be providing us with letters and/or health forms?

A: Yes! You can find the letters and health forms here

Staff FAQ’s

Q: When will Staff Bookings open?

A: Staff bookings will open 1st October 2019

Q: When will Staff Bookings close?

A: All bookings will close 15th April 2020

Q: Are under 18’s able to volunteer as staff?

A: Under 18’s are not able to volunteer as staff, but they can volunteer as young leaders for some activities.

Open Day FAQ’s

Q: When will Open Day Bookings open?

A: Open Day bookings will open 1st December 2019

Q: When will Open Day Bookings close?

A: All bookings close 15th April 2020

Q: Can I turn up to Marra Camp on either of the open days? Or do I have to book in advance?

A: Unfortunatly you have to pre-book your place through the booking system.

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